The Right Time to Book a Travel Ticket to Hawaii

The Right Time to Book a Travel Ticket to Hawaii

If you are traveling to Hawaii for the first time, chances are you are wondering about the best time to embark on the state. Do you want to avoid sudden rain showers? Do you want to avoid crowds? Then read the rest of this article and find out when is the best time to book tickets for a journey.

Summer Season

Summer is typically referred to as a low season due to the reduced rates on rental vehicles and hotel accommodations. However, the low season description can be a tad confusing since travelers flock to the islands beginning June throughout August.

Ticket prices soar in late June throughout July since the need for seats increases all over the state. July has the highest amount of visitors annually according to Hawaii’s tourism authorities. A good majority of these visitors are usually families who take their kids along with them or friends traveling together for the summer. Because it is summer, locals also flock to the beach resorts and other spots that tourists frequent.

Summer is undoubtedly the hottest time of the year, and the temperature can reach a high 90 degrees. For tourists and travelers who are used to dry climates, high temperatures combined with humidity can be bothersome. The humidity that happens can make the atmosphere of the state warmer. Hurricanes, while rare in the state, typically happen during the summer months.

Hawaii is the ideal destination for individuals who want to take in a tropical setting but do not want to do the international rounds.

Spring Season

During the spring season, the state experiences minimal rainfall hence spring is the best time for travelers to book a ticket. The weather during this season is nearly flawless, so you will not miss sites and attractions on your itinerary. This is also a great time for searching travel packages with good discounts.

The temperature for this season ranges from 60 to 85 degrees. Lots of flowers blossom around the state and the days on the area are longer. The trees and the shrubs found around the area develop new growth as well. Kula’s jacaranda trees turn into a brighter color, and they become fragrant with blooms.

Spring is also considered an off-season period and has fewer crowds with Spring Break and Easter as exceptions. Therefore, if you want to avoid crowds, you consider booking a trip during this time or any period apart from holidays.

Also, it is important to take note that due to the proximity of Japan to the state, Hawaii has turned into a favorite destination for the majority of Japanese travelers. Hence, you need to know about major holidays that happen in Japan. The Golden Week for starters typically runs around the 3rd of May until the 6th. Spring holidays for schools around Japan occur in early April while the Obon festival transpires from August 11 until the 19th.

These holidays usually bring Japanese travelers to Hawaii by the droves so if you want to avoid a sizable amount of tourists, you can choose not to visit the state during these times.  


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