The Best Spots in Hawaii You Need to See and Experience

The Best Spots in Hawaii You Need to See and Experience

Hawaii for many people is one gorgeous, colorful and exciting state. The area is known for its beaches, abundant forests, beautiful sunsets, fragrant flowers and surf culture. There are lots of islands and spots that you need to visit. It is crucial that you do some research first and see which among those islands will best suit your interests. To make your selections easier, better check out this list of the hottest spots in the state.


The Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge is a great spot for tourists. The wildlife that the state is famed for can be witnessed in all its beautiful glory in just one park spanning 3 acres. The wildlife refuge is located on the area’s North Shore.

Kauai is referred to as the garden island for obvious reasons. The area is teeming with exquisite flora, waterfalls, running streams and lots of fantastical nature sights.

Another favorite destination in this area is the Waimea Canyon, which you should not miss out. The canyon has a large width that measures over a mile and has a depth of more than 30 hundred feet. It has a length that ranges around 10 miles too. This is a giant that you will not forget. The area is one unforgettable sight during sunset and sunrise.


One place you should not miss in the island of Oahu is the Diamond Head Crater. The crater looks over Waikiki and Honolulu, and it presents amazing views from the peak, it makes all that trekking priceless. The crater was an active volcano once, but it has been extinct for over 150,000 years.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is another destination that should be on your list. It tells you about the state’s culture and the attractions, sights, and sound they offer. Visitors can also partake in an authentic luau feast, watch fire dancers and other performances and know more about the area’s local color.

Sea Life Park is a great attraction as well. Hawaii is known for its abundant marine life and in this park. You can watch playful dolphins in action, swim with stunning rays and witness different marine species found on the island.

Pearl Harbor is the area that instigated World War II. You can check out the memorial to the USS Arizona on this spot. The area has an important role in the US’ colorful history. The memorial was created to honor the many crew members of the USS Arizona who sacrificed their lives that fateful day.

Other Cool Island Attractions

Another park you should never overlook is the Haleakala National Park. Another extinct volcano, this is famous for being one of the largest mountains in the world. It provides excellent views from its summit and makes for a worthwhile, enjoyable trek.

The Big Island offers the attractions found on Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Take advantage of the many hiking trails available if you are an avid trekker. You will also get to see several volcanoes, two being famous for holding world records—the most active volcano being Kilauea and the biggest, Mauna Loa.


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