Surfing Hawaii

Surfing Hawaii

surfing a large wave in Hawaii
big wave surfing

Living along or near the coast has many advantages. Heading to the beach for some surf, sun, and relaxation is a favorite pastime of many people who live in the vicinity of the ocean. It is even the dream of mainlanders to visit the nearest coast and feel the sand under their toes and the waves splashing over their legs. Children and adults alike love going to the beach, so if you’re thinking of travelling to Hawaii, you will find yourself in beach heaven. Hawaii is a series of islands, so finding a place along the shore to relax or partake in a beach-type pastime will be easy. Not only that, Hawaii is one of the best places for a particular water sport loved by many—surfing!

Surfing the Big Swells

If you are a surfer, interested in the sport, or even just a beginner trying to learn, you will find no better place than Hawaii to engage in surfing. Travelling to Hawaii is the perfect gift for any surfer because surfing is a sport widely enjoyed by the natives and tourists who visit the islands. Not a pro? No problem! There are many opportunities on almost all of the islands to find a place to take surfing lessons. The natives teaching these classes are well-educated and experienced in the sport, so you will know you are in good hands under their care. A surfing lesson can take around one to two hours and some instructors even start beginners off on longboards before taking them out into the waves. Not sure where to go for lessons or are you overwhelmed by how many places there are to learn at? Try heading to Waikiki Beach, which is known as one of the top places to go as a beginner learning to surf.

Beginner Surfing

Now, let’s say that you aren’t a beginner. Is travelling to Hawaii still a good option for you? Of course! Hawaii is the capital of surfing and surf culture. It wouldn’t be crowned with such a title if it were known as only being a place for beginner surfers. Because of the position of the islands, there are hundreds of surfing spots and surfing can be done almost every day of the year, no matter the season. Hawaii also has some of the most challenging and biggest waves known across the globe. If you are travelling to Hawaii for those big waves, check out Waimea Bay—a widely known famous surf spot for people looking for a challenge or just to hone their skills. Expert surfers can even head to Peahi for the surf of a lifetime if they can survive the waves. This is a surfing spot not for beginners or novices—the swell here is dangerous and challenging, but very rewarding for the best of the best surfers around.


The surf spots discussed here are only a small amount of the places that can be surfed at if you are travelling to Hawaii. So if you’re a surf lover, there will be no end to your fun if you head to these islands.

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